Good Luck With Life

May 4th – May 25th, 2019

Galleria Kuvitus, Helsinki

 ‘My first graphic novel, which was just published, focuses on childhood and experiencing and seeing things through the eyes of a child. Perhaps the underlying thing in the exhibit is also some kind of childhood recollection and precisely that struggle.’


Juliana Hyrri’s solo exhibition Good Luck With Life deals with the end of childhood through painting and animation. Hyrri’s new works depict too large characters in small spaces, cabin fever, sceneries of life and adaptation in the treadmill of society. Hyrri’s exhibition text is a live chat interview written by Maija Hurme, an illustrator and journalist.


While planning the Galleria Kuvitus’ 2019 exhibitions programme, I was thinking a lot about the purpose, structure, roles and processes of the one year old gallery. I understand that the path to establish an art gallery that would provide a cultural focus for the city and the Finnish illustration field is a long one. I also believe that it’s only made possible by the contribution of many people over many years. Sharing is caring. That is why I wanted to start a new, polyphonic approach to the gallery exhibitions by inviting six guest writers to enhance some of the exhibitions with their texts and perspectives. The funding of Galleria Kuvitus’ exhibition development in 2019 was provided by the City of Helsinki. Other invited writers were: Anastasia Isakova (June 2019: read the text), Ulla-Maija Pitkänen (August 2019: read the text), Maria Savela (December 2019: read the text) and Mia Kivinen (January 2020), all members of curator group P14.

Photographed by VEERA PEKKINEN

Juliana Hyrri (b. 1989) is a Helsinki based artist with a specialisation in illustration and comics. Her use of different techniques is vast and the sizes of her works vary from minimal drawings to huge murals. At the moment she is studying MA degree in Visual Communication Design at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki.

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